Spooks Walkthrough ver 1.00b

You can download this game for free, from the publisher's site.

Crafted from a smaller game, Spooks sees you controlling Mortia, a ghoul who ends up with a goldfish which is, to her confusion, "alive" -- a word she's not familiar with. As with all walkthroughs, I suggest you only turn to this when you're really very stuck indeed, and face frustration with the game so great that you'd be willing to pack it in otherwise. If you're not there yet, turn back now! The puzzles aren't very hard, and the game isn't very long. Many can be solved simply by speaking with and listening to what the various inhabitants of the world have to say.



Throughout, I'll assume you're familiar with point-and-click adventures in general, and the interface in particular. The AGS engine is used to make all actions and your inventory accessible by moving the mouse to the top of the screen, while right-clicking scrolls through the various actions to perform on an object or person.


Step Right Up

You'll begin just after Mortia has won a game of darts and received the goldfish. Go South.

Speak with the big eyeball-octopus thing. Work through the speech selections in order. If everything goes correctly, he'll have revealed that he's lost his contact lens, and close his tent.

Go North, then North again.

Talk to the sphere that's hanging from the lamp-post, to the right of the screen. Choose either speech option, followed by "What can I do to help you remember?"

Go East, then East again. Pick up the twinkling lights (be careful to select the lights, not the socket), then enter the house by using the door.

Inside the house are three pedestals with buttons on them. The one that interests you now is the one at the bottom-right of the screen. Press it, and when the mannequin pops out, quickly pick up the candle. Leave the house by going South.

Go South again. Speak to the fallen angel. Go through each of the speech selections in order. You should receive an egg. Go South to the Scary-Go-Round.


Riddle Solved, Very Nice

Unplug the cord that powers the Scary-Go-Round, on the right next to the tree. Once it stops, look at the three-headed creature in the middle. You'll see a riddle. It goes...

Twice Three
One Twice
Only One
Two and Thrice
Twice Two
Blind Mice
Riddle Solved
Very Nice

If you can't figure out what numbers it's referring to, the sequence is:

Twice Three - 6
One Twice - 2
Only One - 1
Two and Thrice - 5
Twice Two - 4
Blind Mice - 3

Click off of the riddle, then press the eyes in the order above (that is, press the sixth eye first, then the second, then the first, etc.). A giant contact lens will fall off the ride. You can only pick it up if you've spoken to the myopic huge eyeball seer. Do so, then go West.


Hatching a Plan

Speak to the devil at the entrance. Once finished, go West, then North, then North again.

Use the contact lens on the claw-like branches of the tree, then use the egg on the nest in the other tree. Speak to the sphere again. The egg should hatch into a little baby devil.

Pick up the baby devil and the contact lens, then go South.

Two law enforcement officers should be there. Speak with them.

Choose the first speech option. Choose the first option again. Then tell them you won a necklace (the second option). Finally, choose the last option.

Now, use the candle with the fire-spirit officer. Go South. Then East.


Chip Off the Old Block

Speak to the devil by the gate again. Then give the baby devil to the devil.

Go North to the fountain. Look at it, to spot the tunnel, then return South.

Go East, then North, then North again, and into the house.

Inside the house, use the (lit!) candle on the rope that holds up the chandelier. You'll leave automatically.

Return into the house, then take the red book on the bookshelf. Once you've grabbed it, look at it in your inventory to learn more about being alive. Take the muffins that the monster dropped, then leave the house. Go West.


Up, Up and Away

Speak with man holding the blimp (Xarnax). Go through each of the speech options. Once finished, give the muffins to Xarnax.

Search Xarnax's clothes to acquire the keys to the balloon.

Go East and South.

You now own a blimp; a certain angel wishes to fly again. Give her the keys, then go South, West and West again.


Optical Allusions

Use the contact lens with the seer eyeball -- his tent should have opened again now. Listen to all the seer has to say. Click away from the message in the crystal ball to proceed.

Go North and North again.

There's an invisible monster with three heads here, though, of course, he's not easy to spot. Try taking the tie, and you'll engage the monster in conversation. Give it your skull purse full of bones to buy some ash.

Go South, South, East, and finally North to the fountain.

Once the law enforcement officers have shown up and finished their speech, give the cyclops the ash. Allow things to play themselves out.

Now use the twinkling lights on the crown at the top of the fountain.



The first thing to do here is to take the jug to the left of the screen. Use it with the tubes that are releasing bubbles, and it will fill with air. Swim to the right to become aware of the statue.

Swim as far to the right as you can. Pick up largest of the wooden planks. Then use the jug full of air with the bowl (which is a little hard to spot, but it's nearby the wooden planks and the opening to the fantastic landscape). Pick up the fish food from underneath the bowl, then use it with the hole that Spooks the goldfish is swimming in and out of. Now pick up the pickaxe from the hole.

Swim back to where the symbol is partly obscured on the floor by a rock. Use the large wooden plank with the symbol. Then use the pickaxe with the rock on the ceiling that's precariously held on. Be careful to click on the narrowest part to get the desired effect.

The rest of the story is exactly that; story.

Congratulations, you've finished. :)



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