Frasse and the Peas of Kejick Walkthrough ver 1.00c

You can download this game for free, from the author's site.

In this game, you'll find yourself controlling a fuzzy blue thing called Frasse and a one-legged green thing called Gurra. As with all walkthroughs, I suggest you only turn to this when you're really very stuck indeed, and face frustration with the game so great that you'd be willing to pack it in otherwise. If you're not there yet, turn back now! Try the puzzles for yourself; they're really quite inventive in places.



Throughout, I'll assume you're familiar with point-and-click adventures in general, and the interface in particular. The SLUDGE engine works well with using the right-click to bring up inventory, and left-click bringing up a "verb wheel", which gives you the choice of actions to perform on an object or person. When you get a chance to, you can switch between the two characters by simply clicking on the one you wish to control.

If you don't want to spoil things for yourself, take your time looking around. It shouldn't take you long to realise the two characters can perform different actions -- Gurra, for instance, is generally a better person to talk to the inhabitants of this little world with. However, one of the best features of this game is that Frasse (the blue fuzzy thing) sees things very differently to Gurra (the green thing). Switch between the two characters regularly when looking at objects; both have different ways of looking at the world. Frasse sees things in basic but pragmatic terms. Gurra is more book-smart, and descriptive.


In a Jungle With No Exposition

You'll start off controlling Frasse only, in a jungle. Go West.

There will be some paper there. Look at it, then pick it up.

Look at the big block of stone to realise Gurra is trapped. Go East, back to the jungle.

Go North, to outside Casa Blanca. Go around the back of Casa Blanca (the path is to the left of the building, next to the tree).

There'll be a wooden box there. Pick it up, and Frasse will place it over his head and walk around with it on. Click on the rope hanging in the tree to put the box down by the tree. Then pick up the rope. Once more, pick up the box, and walk back around to the front of the building. Go back South to the jungle, then West again to where Gurra is trapped. You should still have the box over your head at this point.

Bit of Tetris humour, here. Click on the big block of stone to put the box down next to it. The entrance will clear, and Gurra will come out. Show him the paper you picked up. Enter Gurra's cave. Switch over to Gurra by clicking on him, then get him to eat the red mushrooms at the back of the cave. He won't eat many, but he will eat the spider that would have scared off Frasse.

Switch to Frasse, and pick up the mushrooms. You'll notice only Frasse can pick things up.

Go back outside the cave, then back through the jungle to Casa Blanca, then West to Ike's Boats.


Ike's Sneezes Will Spread Diseases

Get Gurra to talk to Ike. Go through the Hello, Kejick and Sneeze talk items in order, then end the conversation. Go back East to Casa Blanca, then go in.

Get Gurra to talk to Blake Richards. Go through the Hello, Kejick and Sneeze talk items with him. Leave Casa Blanca, then go back to the jungle (South).

Have Gurra kick the banana plant, dropping the bananas and banana flower (as one) which Frasse can then pick up. Return to Casa Blanca, and go inside.

Get Frasse to give the bananas to Blake Richards, then pick up the ingredients list from the counter. Give Blake Richards the red mushroom. Try to pick up the banana statue, then give Blake Richards the banana plant, netting you a wooden banana in a minute.

Leave the bar, then go back South to the forest. Have Frasse climb the big tree. Then have Frasse talk to the bees. Use the rope with the branch, then go back down. Switch to Gurra, then use the rope. Have Gurra talk to the bees. Go through each of the speech items, then end the conversation. Get down from the tree. Have Frasse pick up the rope again, and head back to Ike's Boats (North, then West).

Give Ike the list of ingredients, and he'll give you some honey. Back to Casa Blanca, inside, and give the honey to Blake Richards. Leave, and go back around the back of Casa Blanca to get the wooden banana. Then leave, and return to Ike, then give him the cure.


Ike 'Ere, Self-Assembly Boat

Have Frasse open the box. You're in for an assembly puzzle. :)

If you don't know how to do these sorts of problems, read below. If you do, have fun. Remember, you can use the beach to place one of the parts down.

Okay, for those who still need a hand, here's the order of things.

Medium boat piece from box goes on the port side.
Large boat piece from box goes on the port side.
Medium boat piece from box goes on the beech.
Small boat piece from box goes on the starboard side.

Large boat piece from the port side goes back in the box.
Medium boat piece from the port side switches to starboard side.
Large boat piece from box goes on the starboard side.
Starboard side complete.

Small boat piece from box goes on the port side.
Medium boat piece from the beech goes on the port side.
Small boat piece from box goes on the beech.
Large boat piece from box goes on port side.
Port side complete.

Yes, you *do* have a spare piece left over. :D

Exit by going to the right of the screen.

All done!

Move over to the left until you can see the crazy pink bird. Get Frasse to throw the wooden banana at it. Then get Gurra (yes, Gurra) to pick up the bird by swimming to it; use the mouth icon. Once you've got the bird, get Frasse to tie the rope to the bird, then use this item on the boat. Get Gurra to kick the boat out to sea. Wave goodbye to this portion of the story.


Red Herrings

You'll notice you've not needed to look at or interact with everything. If you want the full enjoyment of the game, spend a little time doing things not strictly necessary to finish it. Frasse interacts with the branch up the big tree -- it is his home, after all. The Loom Guy (AKA peculiar man, AKA Elliott) is a fun little nod of the head to the Secret of Monkey Island. You'll catch the King's Herald in Casa Blanca if you visit it before rescuing Gurra. The chameleon seems to serve no purpose at all (that I've found).


Nobody Leaves the Island

Welcome to Kejick. First off, have Frasse pick up the wood to the left of the screen. Then go North. Get Frasse to pick up the big leaves, revealing the troll. Walk to the right of the screen, then pick up the red berries.

Have Gurra speak to the red monster (Affe). Go through the Hello and Kejick talk items -- this should reveal the Dragon talk item. Talk through this, then end the conversation.

Walk to the left, then when you can, go East. Pick up the stone with Frasse, then have Gurra speak with the Man (Tom). Go through Hello, Kejick and Dragon. Then have Frasse pick up the pick axe out of the backpack (it's just loaned to you, but that's okay). Have Frasse climb the rope.

Put the wood in the fireplace. Then use the pickaxe with the stone -- it's flint, y'see, so starts a fire. Use the big leaves on the fire, then climb back down. Return East to the troll.

Gurra should engage the troll in conversation. Choose the Dragon talk item. The troll will see the fire you've lit, and run away.


The Joy of Zaks

Have Frasse give the North-going Zak the red berries. Then have Gurra talk to the North-going Zak about urinating. You'll end up with Frasse and Gurra wearing the signs. Frasse should use the South sign (it's in his inventory) with Gurra's North sign, so they switch over. Then wait. The Zaks will return, have Gurra speak with the North-going Zak (wearing the South sign, now) about the Blocked Path, then Compass Directions. They will leave. Now you can go North, and you should.

Have Frasse use the pickaxe on the flagpole, which turns out to be a spade. Go South, and use the spade on the snow. Make sure you pick up some snow with Frasse, too.

Go into the cave (you'll first return the pickaxe). You'll automatically control Gurra now.


All the Colours of the Rainbow

Where you go in the cave will be determined by who you're controlling -- just because Frasse goes from one place to the next, doesn't mean Gurra will. First, we have to find Frasse again.

Go through the right door. You'll end up in a yellow room.

Examine the map, then go through the left door. You'll end up in a purple room.

Kick the ladder. Then kick the shelf (to the right of the screen). The door to the North should open -- go through it.

You'll end up in a tunnel with three doors. Go through the middle door (yes, the one you came through), you should end up in an orange room.

Go back through the door you came in through (the right door), and you should end up in a blue room with Frasse.


More Spectrum Fun

As I said before, Frasse will go to different places than Gurra. Switch to Frasse, then go through the right door. You'll end up in a red room.

Pick up the sign from the wall (it says OPEN+NOW=MAGIC). Behind it, pick up the "thing". Look familiar? It's like the thing that emits light in all the rooms. Pick up the box (so you're wearing it). You're brown now (not blue), so you'll go to different places when you exit the room. Go through the left door; you'll end up outside.

Go back into the cave, then put the box down next to the sparks (by clicking on the sparks). Use the "thing" with the sparks -- you'll make a brown light, making this the brown room. Once again, pick up the wooden box so you're wearing it, then go through the door to the right.

In the red room, put down the wooden box by the door. Frasse becomes blue again (as he's not wearing the box). Exit through the left door. You'll end up in the orange room. Pick up the device, then go through the right door, into the green room. From there, go right which will take you outside. Go back into the cave, and you'll be in the blue room.



This is a mathematics problem! Apparently, you can get the answer from Gurra, but I personally solved it the hard way. If you can, try to solve it yourself. If that's not your thing, the answer is below.

You want to make the door in the red room open, so you need to enter the code for MAGIC. Each letter corresponds with a number; using OPEN, NOW and MAGIC there are 9 numbers, each one for a letter. You already know that O=9, as this was said on the map in the yellow room.

None of the numbers you use in OPEN and NOW will appear in MAGIC.

If you're sure you don't want to try this puzzle yourself, the code is below.

A = 0
C = 7
E = 6
G = 2
I = 5
M = 1
N = 3
O = 9
P = 8
W = 4

So, your answer is MAGIC = 10257.

Have Frasse use the lever. Use the up and down arrows to set the sequence of numbers to 10257. Switch to Gurra, and go through the right door, into the orange room. Go through the left door into the red room.


Closing Doors

In the red room, have Gurra talk to the device. It's a communication device, so you'll be able to operate the two characters in different rooms. Talk to the device again to switch to Frasse. Have Frasse pull the lever again, then talk to the device in his inventory to switch to Gurra.

Quite quickly, have Gurra kick the wooden box. It'll block the "WARNING: Here be dragon" door. Have Gurra walk through the door.

In the room you're in, there's another communication device. Speak to it to switch back to Frasse.

With Frasse, just go through the right door into the red room, then through the Dragon door.


Here Be Dragons!

Have Frasse use the snow on the hot rock, then walk to the left of the screen and try and pick up the Peas of Kejick. Is your quest at an end? Not yet. :)

You'll end up running away from the dragon. Have Frasse use the bananas with the small boat piece to make an ad hoc sleigh. Use this item on the mountain side to slide down and away from the dragon... who'll quickly catch up with you, in a moment. Don't worry -- this is what's supposed to happen.

Have Gurra kick the boat, then try to leave North. The dragon will appear. Have Frasse use the paper with him, explaining the situation.


Celling Out
(sorry, that's a terrible pun)

Once Houston (the dragon) has dropped you off, walk around the front of the castle, then have Frasse give the peas to the guard. Reclaim your prize, and rejoice in a job well done! Or, get thrown into a cell. Yeah, that's the one. ;)

Use either the ingredients list or the paper (it doesn't matter which) with the drawing on the wall -- the one of how to fold a paper plane. It's about midway up, and to the left, on the north-most wall. Use the plane with the window. Houston will break down the wall. Leave.

Talk to the other cell window (to the left). Go through "Why are you in there?", then "If you're innocent". Next, "You're a monster?", then choose "If you're innocent" again. Then "You were in the princess' room?", followed by "How do I get to the princess' room?". Then "I'll be back later."

Walk to the right of the screen, until you can see a door and some roses.

Optional: If you want Frasse to have a happy ending with Cassie (the monster), pick up the roses, then use them with Cassie's cell window, you romantic you. Then return.

Use the door to enter it.

Optional: The potatoes are entirely useless. You can take quite a few of them, and this will be mentioned at the end of the game if you do.

Exit through the left door. In the pantry, pick up the BIG cheese (it's in the bottom right of the screen). Leave this room, then go through the right door.

On the stairway, there are a number of doors. Here's where they all lead.

The first door to the left takes you to outside the cells. You don't need to go in here at all.
The first door to the right takes you to the dining hall -- you'll come back here in a minute.
The second door on the left takes you to the king -- you'll return here later, too.
The second door on the right takes you to the princess' room, but you'll need to get in another way.

Instead, go up the stairs to the wizard's tower. Go the right slightly, and use the cheese in the magical pot (which is on the lowest shelf of one of the bookcases). Pick up the pot. Exit the room by clicking on the exit, in the middle-bottom of the screen.

Try to go into the princess' room, and discover it's locked.

Return to Cassie's cell, and talk to her. Tell her "The door to the princess' room is locked", and she'll tell you how to get in. End the conversation.

Use the pot full of cheese with Houston, to get him to melt it.

Go to the dining hall (first door up, on the right, remember?). In here, walk to the right of the room, then use the flag.


Big, Cheesy Dog and the Thingamabob

Use the pot full of melted cheese with the huge dog you'll encounter. He'll let you into the princess' room. Bad dog.

Look at the space under the bed, then pick up the thingamabob. It looks like a diseased blanket to me, but what do I know? Exit through the door, then go back up the ladder to the wizard's tower.

Use the thingamabob with the open book, which is on the desk. Leave the tower, then go to where the king is!

Use the thingamabob with the king. You'll have to do some quick talking. Actually, the king is an impossibly patient man, so don't worry. You can't go wrong, have fun talking to the king. The correct way to go about it is to mention the thingamabob, check the princess' name is Cassandra (AKA Cassie) and then say "It's the High Wizard that's behind everything!"

Choose your reward!

Congratulations. That's the end.



You'll have noticed you didn't need the pillow, or to talk to the lady in the kitchen, but these are all things that add to the colour of the game. Once again, I suggest you take your time and enjoy the atmosphere this adventure has to offer. :) You can look at the crystal ball in the wizard's tower to watch the end credits before the end of the game, for instance. If you follow this walkthrough to the letter, the game can be over too quickly without ever realising why you're doing some of the things you are.

Send praise, complaints and pots full of melted cheese to:

I hope this helped you out. :D

Thanks for reading!


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